Welcome To A Wireless Life


We all own and use mobile phones, computers, laptops and PDAs on a daily basis. Browse the internet, send and receive emails, lastminute presentations. Rarely do we use them to their fullest potential. Several features and technologies are never used or explored. Hopefully, this website will inspire you to explore and use some of these features in your device.


With the advent of technology like WiFi and Bluetooth using radio frequencies, an individual is able to be in touch whilst on the move. See the scenario page to see how PDAs and laptops can be used at various locations and to get an idea of how technology can be used to your advantage. As devices and technology becomes more accessible, usage extends from large corporations, small companies and finally to our homes. Wireless networking in offices, between different sites of large corporations and between different rooms of the house.

Laptop Bluetooth

Almost all of us have encountered the problem of lack of power and the dreaded message "BATT LOW". Until an unlimited power cell is invented we have to rely on our battery and the adaptor. Check the power and battery pages to get tips and guidance on maximising power and on taking care of your device's batteries. For more technical and indepth information on battery care, problems and other frequently asked questions see www.BatFaq.com. This site also has information on AC Adaptors and chargers.